Your Wedding, Your Way

Your Wedding, Your Way

Nov 18, 2013

Weddings are a time of new beginnings. But where joy should be, sometimes there is stress. A lot of stress. Finding a banquet hall, interviewing caterers, choosing the wedding party, finding a dress, tailor, limousine, florist, etc. It can all get to be too much. Some couples have decided they want no parts of that and have found another option.

That’s where destination weddings come in. This liberating, carefree experience makes the day about the couple, as it should be. If feeling the sand underfoot while starting life as a married couple is appealing, these steps will help:

Pick Your Time

The autonomy couples have to choose their own time is one of the most freeing aspects of choosing laid back nuptials. Couples can get married whenever they want. They can choose a time slot that means something to them as opposed to trying to fit into a banquet hall schedule.

Pick Your Place

Whether a traditional wedding or a destination wedding, location is important. Deciding on a locale goes hand in hand with choosing the proper date. If the destination of choice for the wedding is the Caribbean, research hurricane seasons and patterns. The potential for getting rained is real, especially in tropical locations, so prepare a plan B. Research the beach itself as well. Beach erosion is an unfortunately reality, therefore couples must be sure the beach they selected looks the way they envision.

Don’t rush. While planning a beach wedding is far more relaxed than a formal one, there are still things to consider. Determine what the privacy requirement is, whether there are water sports available, and the policy on things such as clothing mandates, music, and bonfires. Also, find out the requirements are to get married in the specified state or country.


Whether or not to invite guests is an important aspect of your wedding to think through. If the decision to avoid preparing for a larger wedding was because of the stress it can cause, inviting all the same people to a destination wedding negates the purpose. A small gathering may be more appropriate. Be sure of what works best ahead of time so that appropriate party favors can be planned.

If the decision has been made to have a destination wedding instead of a traditional one, keep the party favors in line with the casual setting. Try beach towels with the wedding date on them or a bucket filled with flip-flops, sunscreen, and sunglasses. These party favors are carefree, fun, and timely.

Choosing to get married in a nontraditional way can be a hard decision to make. Many couples found it to be a stress free way to celebrate their union. They were able to revel in the unparalleled scenery, beautiful weather, and the love in each other eyes, free of outside concerns. Whether with friends and family or alone, getting married in a tropical setting signals the start of something new and welcoming. Say ‘I Do’ and float above the beach in a parasail as husband and wife.