Why Taking a Vacation Without the Kids is Good For Your Marriage

Why Taking a Vacation Without the Kids is Good For Your Marriage

May 08, 2013

I plan a lot of family vacations with the kids. A romantic getaway is crucial for a married couple just to get away and rekindle that fiery passion. In fact, I think a romantic getaway without the kids can be healthy for the family as a whole.

Sometimes, moms and dads need to just get away for a bit, recharge and reconnect.

Yes, family vacations are awesome and the memories you build are incredible. But it’s time to consider making room in your travel plans for a romantic getaway – just the two of you. Why? Let’s take a look at some of the findings of a recent study from Traveleffect.com.

Traveling inspires romance: 72% of respondents said that traveling inspires romance and 83% of couples who travel together say romance is still alive in their relationship. Almost two thirds of couples believe that traveling helps couples stay together longer.

Traveling is more important than gifts: Nearly two thirds of respondents said that travel is more likely to create romance than large or small gifts. Only 15% of respondents felt that big gifts like jewelry were as important. There’s something to remember for your next anniversary, Valentine’s Day, etc!

Traveling helps improve intimacy: Three quarters of couples who travel say they have a good sex life, whereas only 63% of those who don’t travel said the same. Of those who said their sex life improved after travel, 40% said the improvement was permanent.

Life gets a little crazy and we can easily get disconnected from our spouses in the midst of it. A romantic vacation is a great way to step outside of everyday life, enjoy each other and experience new things together. Doing so allows you to refresh, reconnect and create new, happy memories.

It’s traditional for a couple to take a honeymoon to celebrate the beginning of their marriage. Most would agree that the honeymoon is a wonderful bonding experience. Why is it that so few of us consider repeating that experience through more romantic vacations over the years? There are so many beautiful destinations just waiting to help keep up the spark in your marriage – now is the time to start planning to get away with the one you love!