What to Pack in your Carry On Bag

What to Pack in your Carry On Bag

Nov 05, 2013

Seems easy enough to figure out, right? You just need your wallet, your passport, your ticket, and maybe some munchies, right? Wrong! I know you want to pack light, but there is such a thing as too light. Here are some things to remember to pack in your carry on bag – some of them will surprise you!

 A Book for You

Flights are long. You can’t be sure you’ll actually drift off to sleep, and without some type of diversion, your excitement will get the best of you. Bring a book to read. Pick something up especially for the trip and crack it open on the plane. Before you know it, you’ll be a good ways through and landing. If reading is not your thing, try a crossword puzzle of Sudoku. Challenge your mind and pass the time.

An Activity for Them

If you are traveling with a child, you know how important it is to be prepared. Flights are even worse for kids than they are for adults. They want to be there, doing whatever activity looks good, right now. Divert their attention to something they enjoy, like a toy, books, or the Kindle so they can play games or watch a movie. These are sanity preservers for sure.

A Change of Clothes for Everyone

This might be the one that surprises you, but when you think about it, it makes logical sense. If your bags are lost, what are you going to do? Shopping at the K-Mart on the island will be an eye-opening experience – the price of imported clothing is astronomical. Save yourself the hassle of having to rush around – pack a change of clothes and a swimsuit for everyone in your party and hit the beach even before your bags land.

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