Three Things You Might See at the Beach

Three Things You Might See at the Beach

Nov 13, 2013

A lot of people hear the words ‘beach vacation’ and shrug their shoulders. ‘What’s the big deal about being on the beach?’ they may ask. ‘I’ve seen and done it all before.’

Not so fast! There is so much to do and see – things you might not have ever thought about. Here’s a list of just three of the unique things you can experience on a beach vacation:

Wild Horses Running Free

This is an amazing sight! Wild horses, running along the water’s edge. Assateague Island National Seashore in Maryland is teeming with wild ponies and other wildlife. Enjoy the beach or have a picnic. Take a dip in the water. Watch nature in action in a way you’ve never seen before – up close and personal.

Sea Lions Relaxing on the Beach

Sea lions love to socialize. The Galapagos Islands are known for friendly sea lions that will often approach tourists. In Cabo San Lucas, Mexico you might see some during a dive. You could also see them sunning themselves on a nearby rock formation. Mingling with a sea lion and hearing their unmistakable bark in person is an incredible experience!

The Incredible Artwork of Andreas Amador

Amador’s art takes playing on the beach to a new level. These unique creations, called playa paintings, only last for a couple of hours before the tide rolls in, washing the slate clean. He makes these incredible pieces in a two-hour window with a rake to expose the wet sand beneath and create contrast. If you find yourself on the beach in Northern California, you might see one of these landscapes in person.

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