Return to Holding Hands

Return to Holding Hands

Nov 11, 2013

When you were young and in love, you held your partner’s hand everywhere you went. At the movies, across the table at a restaurant, even in line at the supermarket – your fingers were always interlaced. You were connected; the touch of each other’s skin was as necessary as food and water. 

As time went by, responsibilities broke your hands apart. Working late, advancing your education, cleaning up the house – they weighed on your connection, turning what was one unit into two entities with a common goal. Then, perhaps, the babies came, holding both of your hands in their tiny little ones. You could feel each other’s love between you. It was reflected in the eyes of your child… yet your hands still ached for each other.

It’s time to find each other’s hands again. It’s time to truly reconnect: to laugh at each other’s jokes and make all the old references that only you two understand. It’s time to act like you did when you were young and in love. 

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