Planes, Trains, and Automobiles – Which Way Do You Like To Travel?

Planes, Trains, and Automobiles – Which Way Do You Like To Travel?

Nov 21, 2013

Some people relish getting on the open road and driving from destination to destination on vacation. They enjoy the flexibility starting and stopping whenever they want to affords them. Time is not a factor – lots of extra time is padded in to accommodate possible traffic delays of the unexpected detour. 

For some, this is the only way to travel. For others, not so much. That’s what makes vacationing in the United States so much fun. The opportunity to get where you’re going whichever way you want to adds options to your trip that some locales don’t have. Combining the options makes it even more fun.

Rent an RV

There’s no better way to drive cross-country than to rent an RV. A hotel on wheels, you can rent an RV that suits your personal tastes. Choose from luxury accommodations to just enough to keep you warm and dry in between camping sites. There are RV stops dotted across the United States, and some even have electricity and water hook ups.

Rent a Car

Renting an RV might be a bit much for short distances. That’s where renting a car or packing up the family car comes in. Settle in for a visual treat as you view the landscape on your drive to your destination.


If you don’t want the responsibility of staying alert for so many hours behind the wheel, riding the train provides a unique way to see sights. Roll though mountainsides and plains with views you wouldn’t see from a car or by air. Marvel at the beauty of the country while you ride in comfort. Sleeper cars are available for longer trips.


The fastest way to get where you want to go, flying is a favorite among many travelers. Even with security checks and baggage claim, you can get to your destination faster by air than you can by land and sea.

JEK Travels can help you get to your destination, no matter which mode of travel you like most. Contact them to create an interesting sightseeing route through the US or book flights and hotels.