Aug 24, 2015

Have you ever dreamed of visiting the Holy Land with you family and friends or church ministries? Your dreams can become a reality.

Why should you lead your church group to Israel?

A trip to the Holy Land is the single greatest supplement to the study of God's Word. It will change the way you and your congregants read the Bible for the rest of your life. Just imagine: you will walk, pray, weep, and worship in the very places that you have read about all your lives. From a baptismal service in the Jordan River...to reading: "Do you love me" along the shores of the Sea of Galilee...to an unforgettable Lord's Supper Service at the Garden Tomb!...Well, it's really hard to imagine, and yet you and your congregation will actually experience all this and more. Make this journey with America Israel Travel and see why there is nothing that enriches your experience with God and your understanding of the scriptures like a trip to the Holy Land

 Why leading your people to Israel is so important? 

For more than two millennia, Christians have been coming to the Holy

Land in search of the birthplace of their faith. Israel has more significance for a teacher of the Word of the Lord than anywhere else on earth. As all our tour leaders will tell you, in Israel the bible comes alive as you lead your group through their spiritual heritage. AIT knows exactly what you need to lead your flock on this biblical journey.

So how do you start planning your tour?

We work with you to customize your group’s tour itinerary and length. We also provide maps, videos, a customized tour brochure to assist you in marketing the trip to your congregation and community. We provide you with a Tour Leader Kit, the A to Z guide to planning your journey to Israel.