Greek Islands

Greek Islands

Dec 07, 2016

A trip to the Greek Islands is just about one of those perfect vacations that should be on nearly everyone’s travel “bucket-list”. Famous for the near perfect weather, azure skies, crystal clear water, and striking white-washed architecture - the Greek Isles offer romance, history and relaxation.

Mykonos, the jet set island of Greece and the world! Enjoy the fabulous beaches and the beach bars on the world famous beaches of Paradise, Super Paradise, Platys Gialos, Agios Ioannis, Elia and many more. Encircling a small port, the town of Mykonos is absolutely charming. Stroll through the winding streets which take you deep into the town and are lined with white buildings, cafes and shops.

Santorini, home to vineyards and the cliff-top villages of Oira and Fira, which overlook the panoramic caldera of an ancient volcano rising up over 1000 feet from the Aegean Sea. Find a café terrace in Oia, order a bottle of Santorini’s dry rose wine, crisp Greek salads, and fresh fish and watch the truly incredible sunset.

Crete, the largest island of Greece, it is very different from Mykonos and Santorini. Crete is mountainous and green and hugged by the aqua blue sea. On the western side of the island, is the traditional and charming town of Chania. The Samaria Gorge, the largest gorge of Europe is also located there giving the opportunity to nature lovers to enjoy a hike or a walk. Exploring the beaches and the traditional villages nearby are among the activities that can be enjoyed. In Heraklion, the middle of the island, is the major archeological site of Knossos Palace and the Heraklion Museum. On the eastern side of the island is the well-known and exclusive resort town of Elounda.