Bison, Wolves, and Bears, Oh My!

Bison, Wolves, and Bears, Oh My!

Nov 17, 2013

Did you know that Yellowstone National Park is the very first national park in the United States? With 2,219,789 acres to explore, you could easily spend days seeing the incredible natural displays. The wildlife alone will captivate you: several species of bear, elk, bison, and wolf call this park home. Waterfalls and hot springs are abundant in Yellowstone Park. 

Grand Prismatic, the third largest hot spring in the world, is particularly interesting because of its coloration, which mirrors that of a rainbow. The pigmented bacteria that live in the hot spring create this coloring. Everywhere you look, you will see something beautiful. Rolling hills of Buttercups, Alpine Laurels, and other wildflowers make this park as picturesque as they come.

Perhaps the biggest attraction at Yellowstone Park is the geysers. With 6 grand geysers that shoot water up to 100 feet in the air, it is easy to see why these are one of the most visited thermal features at the park. Old Faithful, the most famous geyser at Yellowstone, erupts every 45-90 minutes.

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