Avoiding Travel Scams

Avoiding Travel Scams

Jan 26, 2014

You've heard the old saying "if it sounds to good to be true then it probably is". I was sitting around enjoying my Sunday afternoon and taking care of my hubby while he recovers from pneumonia when i get a phone call. On the phone was my aunt from Georgia, she sounded frantic as i said hello. She went on to explain why she was calling about traveling, since i'm a travel agent she wanted to ask me a couple of questions.

Apparently they received a phone call from a scam artist that said they paid a deposit for a cruise and that an ungodly amount was still owed. My aunt asked if it was possible to put a deposit down and pay for a trip for a year or two, I said of course because usually the balance is due 45 to 60 days before departure depending on the trip. Long story short it was a scam that the person was trying to run on them, and the best part is they called off a credit card number hoping my aunt and uncle would say that's incorrect my number is xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xx33.

After informing my aunt and uncle that it's a scam and don't even talk to or give out any information, they were relieved. Listen everyone, don't fall short on all these scams that are out there today. Find a reputable travel agent that you feel comfortable with that has all the necessary credentials. If you start to feel pressured under sales tactics or this promotion expires at midnight run as fast you can from that particular person, you shouldn't feel stressed our from high sales tactics without having time to think about the offer.

Take the time to research and remember find a travel agent you can trust and that there for you before, during and after your trip, travel agents go the extra mile to advise you on cancellation penalties and passport requirements before you leave; help you in case of emergency during the trip; and assist you with any hassles afterwards.

"The cheapest vacation is not the best. The best is the one that combines convenience, comfort, price and reliability to exceed your expectations, and that’s what travel agents provide by using their experience and connections".

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